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"If the cause is great enough it is worth the effort" (Larry Cappetto).

Thank you for visiting our website and sharing in the journey.


Mr. Cappetto is a passionate driven story teller. His love for people has taken him across North America and parts of the world, teaching, educating and inspiring audiences, young and old. His gift of honoring and remembering has touched many lives as well as instilled within our generation a love and appreciation for our country and the freedoms we hold dearly. His life changing programs have been seen in many schools across the United States. His documentary film series, "Lest They Be Forgotten," has been seen and watched by millions of people across the world. 


Mr. Cappetto is a producer, director and avid filmmaker. He is also an accomplished musician, songwriter and author. His musical influences are Buddy Holly, Tom Petty and The Beatles. He has written several hundred songs, some of which are showcased here.

Mr. Cappetto is a featured keynote speaker and would enjoy an opportunity to speak to your group or organization. He has been featured on national television in the United States and Canada, as well as in numerous newspapers and magazines. He is also the recipient of the prestigious George Washington Honor Medal given by the Freedom's Foundation, Valley Forge, PA. Please feel free to reach out and contact him today. He travels from Colorado and would welcome the opportunity to meet you ❤️

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