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  • It's Like Deja Vu All Over Again


During World War II the Jewish people were marked and considered shameful and outcasts. Many are feeling the same way today for not taking a vaccine or wearing a mask. So in a way we’ve been marked. People go into stores, restaurants, concerts and they are asked if they’ve been vaccinated and they say, "NO," and they are treated rudely, marked, set aside or denied access. The same goes for not wearing a mask. During the holocaust in World War II those without a yellow star were giving certain privileges and public accesses. We are seeing some of this again today in our world.



Actually this idea came to me recently regarding this topic and that maybe I should wear a yellow star of David when in public. Most people probably wouldn’t understand or recognize the significance behind it though. Perhaps some type of advertising or marketing campaign with local news media might bring some attention. I need to give this some more thought. 



Better to have the seal of God on our foreheads, blood over the door posts of our hearts and homes than to take a mark of the beast, wear a control device, or fear a so-called virus!! The Democrats have to lick the blood of innocent babies off their lips and mouths before they speak.



Thankfully we don’t have to legally prove whether we have or haven’t been vaccinated yet. That could change though. I hope and pray not. There are many good hearted, patriotic, God fearing Americans and Canadians fighting back. If it does change however we will have a Civil War on our hands because you cannot infringe on our constitutional rights and privacy like that. To me that’s the line in the sand and where the militias and minutemen of the day will surface across this land. Thankfully, Our God is a Man of War, a Warrior, and a Lord of Justice!! Through the leading of His Spirit we will continue to discern the times, hear His voice, know the path to life and make the right and true choices.


How bad will it have to get before people will stop taking the shots? The side effects and deaths are being kept from the public. This again is a crime against humanity, not to mention the child abuse forcing children to take the shot. Wait till these poor, ignorant souls wake up and discover what they’ve done to their bodies. The Bible says men’s hearts will fail them for fear in the last days (Luke 21:26). The realization of what they’ve done will cause many to drop dead, like Ananias and Sapphira in Acts chapter 5. It’s being played out in modern times; many who seek to save their lives through shots and control devices shall lose their lives (Luke 9:24). Delta Airlines and two other major carriers, one in Russia and one in Spain have publicly announced that people who have been vaccinated should not fly because of the blood clot, stroke, and heart attack danger that the vaccines pose. How ironic for people to take this deadly shot just so they can travel. Personally, I have grounded myself. No job or travel destination is important enough to poison my body.

God bless you,

Larry Cappetto

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