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God's Movie Reels



January 30, 2021


I saw the silhouette of a woman. I couldn’t see her face, just a silhouette. It appeared she was sitting at what I would call a judge’s bench. A long wooden bench stretching out across the room. It reminded me of a hard wood pew in a church but it was a bench. I saw the silhouettes of other people over to my right, although they weren’t really in the picture though. Beneath the silhouette of the woman I saw the name, Amy Barrett, but like I said I couldn’t make out her face. 


I then heard the words: “Justice Shall Prevail”


I saw praying hands over the U.S. Capitol dome in Washington, D.C. The picture looked like a sunset with yellow and orange colors and clouds. I saw two large hands covering the dome of the Capitol. It looked like praying hands being laid upon the Capitol dome. I saw light emanating from the hands.


I then heard the words, “I miss Donald Trump with what’s going on in your country today."


February 1, 2021


All reports, Twitter soon will be taken down.


February 4, 2021


This morning I saw the American flag and a confederate flag.


I saw the Kennedys in black-and-white in the early 60s at the White House outside.


I saw a drain being emptied and at the bottom a piece of toast in the drain. 


Lots of static lots of clouds and unclear pictures.


February 5, 2021


Something has happened to the sharks out there.


February 6, 2021 


6000 ways of the quiet way. 

Fuel that will mean nothing once the data is gone


February 7, 2021


  • Nazi Germany

  • Refocus

  • It’s just begun

  • Cries of faith


February 8, 2021


James Comey

Elizabeth Warren

Chuck Schumer

John Roberts


  • Prepare to meet thy maker.

  • The stage is being centered for the kill. 

  • Trying to preserve normalcy to the end. 


February 9, 2021

I saw a clock with the time: 2:22


February 10, 2021


  • The same things keep happening.

  • Exploding beyond measure.

  • McGarrett Hawaii Five-0.

  • Saw Mike Pence.

  • Possibly something to do with shots, the White House.


February 11, 2021


I saw what looked like a spinning wheel with numbers. I saw the numbers five, three, two, and five.

I heard the word righteousness, truth.


February 13, 2021


Josh Rondell, you were hurt as a child.


I saw many images of people being prayed for, people being healed, I saw silhouettes of people, I saw a silhouette of Jesus, praying for people, people being healed. A mighty revival.


“It seems crazy, is he coming back?”


I saw images of Donald Trump. I saw him going up what looked like a stair case to a plane and waving. The shots were from the ground looking up. I saw it several times. I saw an image of him at the center of the screen which looked like maybe an inauguration or some type of ceremony. I saw him being surrounded by the press and the media and they were moving off in a direction. 


February 14, 2021


“You harm one of these my little ones and you will pay the price.”


I saw vivid color images of people. Just like a movie a color movie. Stunning images, more real than I’ve seen before.


February 15, 2021


Healthcare bill HR116, or HR161

“It doesn’t work now, it didn’t work then.”


H.R. 161 (115th): Services

Ending Long-Term Homelessness Act:


Services for Ending Long-Term Homelessness Act

This bill amends the Public Health Service Act to require the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to design national strategies and implement programs to address chronic homelessness.


Let the rightful president come forth; My President, Donald J Trump. #45, don’t hide. A man of prayer. An act of terror. An act of war. Redemption cometh. redemption nigh!! The smell of battle, a battle cry. Lift up your voices, for judgment cometh!! Do or die. Look to the sky. An army cometh, a battle cry. 


The Star-Spangled Banner lyrics, all men were created equal. 


Tiki Conda. Your servant Lord, your servant. 


February 17, 2021


His mighty healing, everlasting love, coming down upon us from high above. 


February 18, 2021


• Turbulent couple of weeks. 

• In the day of JFK. 

• 1837. 

• Corring out. 

• Minutemen, a group of men, going into battle. 

• Explosions, explosive. 

• Get My Word out, the great harvest has come.


Minutemen were civilian colonists who independently organized to form militia companies self-trained in weaponry, tactics, and military strategies from the American colonial partisan militia during the American Revolutionary War. They were known for being ready at a minute's notice, hence the name. Minutemen provided a highly mobile, rapidly deployed force that enabled the colonies to respond immediately to war threats.


The minutemen were among the first to fight in the American Revolution. Their teams constituted about a quarter of the entire militia. They were generally younger and more mobile.

The term has also been applied to various later United States civilian-based paramilitary forces to recall the success and patriotism of the originals.

1837- The economic Panic of 1837 led to widespread unemployment, economic depression, devaluing of cotton and paper money, and bank and financial failures. President Van Buren blamed the crisis on the easy availability of credit and rampant speculation.

Feb. 8 - 1st US Vice-President chosen by Senate, Richard Johnson (Van Buren admin)

March 3 - US President Andrew Jackson and Congress recognize the Republic of Texas.

March 4 - Martin Van Buren inaugurated as the 8th President of the United States


February 19, 2021


• Our country was hit with this terrible thing, only to fall back down onto. 

• June 5. 

• Suppression. 

• If the button is pushed there’ll be no running away, they’re be no one to save with the world in a grave; take a look around you boy, it’s bound to scare you boy.

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