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God's Movie Reels


God’s Movie Reel 🎥


January 20, 2021

God’s going to settle things His way.


My ways are not your ways. Settle this once and for all. 


Hear my secrets. 


This is the only way I can get your attention. 

January 21, 2021

I saw the cross of Jesus several times this morning. I saw what looked like a U-shaped lattice falling off or being broken off the cross falling to the side.


I saw for several seconds me running a race. I could see a close-up of my face as I ran, a profile shot, then a distant shot and I kept running faster and faster and faster. I thought of the scripture of running my race and finishing my course, and keeping the faith; running to win!!


God gives me little movie reels sometimes in the morning and I can see things. This morning I saw myself running a race. I ran faster and faster and faster. I couldn’t help but think of the Scriptures which tell us to run our race, to finish our course, and to keep the faith. We are to run to win.

January 22, 2020

• Algorithm

• Blue family

• Something to do with time


I saw wounded bird with the appearance of being may be an eagle. Smaller though. I tossed a wood chip at him and it landed on him. He looks startled and stunned. He did shake it off get up and walk away though.


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