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God's Movie Reels


God’s Movie Reel 🎥

January 23, 2021

I saw the White House, I heard the words, “In God We Trust.”


I saw President Trump leading the charge, hurriedly, with all sorts of patriots following him. The President looked very determined as did his followers. They were going forward very determined in a specific direction. I saw his tie, his shirt, his coat. It reminded me of when he would roll up his sleeves and campaign throughout the country. He was on the go looking very spry and focused. I could feel the excitement building as they marched forward. It reminds me of a characterure of the American Revolution and a battle charge.


I then saw George Washington’s face, a vast array of President Washington faces, hundreds of George Washington faces. I then saw the face of Abraham Lincoln, a vast array of President Lincoln faces, hundreds of Abraham Lincoln faces. 

God’s Movie Reel 🎥

January 24, 2021

I heard the word “overturn," or overturned like in an election. 


I heard the words, “God appeared,” like in God appeared to someone, but I don’t know who it was referring to.


I saw many faces, but I didn't recognize anyone. These faces were in color and clearer than any movie reel I’ve seen. Lots of images popping up and going across the screen.


I saw a great wave of water, muddy, murky looking water with people being dumped into the sea. I saw many people being swept away, thrown into and submerged under the water. The water became dark brown, dirty looking. It looked like smudge. I saw dark black objects mixed in with the people being thrown and cast into the waters, swept away by the giant undercurrent. It looked like water coming off of a dam, crashing into the water below. On the curl or the wave of the water were the people. I saw hands and feet of people, many being tossed to and fro like stick dolls going into the murky water. The water become dirty with all the filth of the people. 


 January 25, 2021

“Attraction to Action”

“Donald Trump wins”

Saw a movie screen with a flag or a patriotic picture and people walking across the front of the auditorium to the left. 


January 26, 2021


I saw a big X. I had the thought, X marks the spot.

I saw the time: 8:15.


That was about it. A lot of static and interference on the screen. Nothing was distinguishable.


January 27, 2021


All I got this morning were the words Indonesia, Pakistan, and Iran.


I may have seen a baby in an embryo in a womb. 


January 28, 2021


• The number 22, 44, 66,

• 2008, 2013, maybe something to do with Obama.

• “He literally would walk right back in.”


• Jamestown


January 29, 2021


• Matthew chapter 16

• The fourth exit

• I saw a large group of people with a spotlight over a certain area. It was like they were trying to push people out or push somebody out of the crowd - purge them from the group. 

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