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God's Movie Reels


God’s Movie Reel 🎥

What I saw this morning which I believe was from the Holy Spirit, Friday morning January 15, 2021


I saw what appeared to be smoke or clouds possibly from some type of explosion and rubble over the United States.


I saw the outline of the 48 United States from above looking down like on a map or an atlas. I saw a glow emanating from the map over Texas and spreading over the entire country. The brightness engulfed the whole country.


I then saw the country from above with a darkened background. I saw the shape of a heart. I saw the heart appear a second time. I then saw praying hands over the country. Lastly I saw a dove flying. 


I saw President Trump dressed in a military uniform looking very sharp. As the scene zoomed out I saw thousands if not millions of what looked like soldier helmets from above. A vast army and sea of soldiers with the President in the middle of them. During all of these scenes the backdrop was the United States.


I saw the year 2025 and the year 2029. I don’t remember or recall a hyphen in between the two years. 


I remember seeing the United States again from above, darkened, with the thought, “Four years of exile, or not.”


I saw, imagined or heard people saying, “NO NO NO NO NO.” I saw, imagined and heard people standing up, people of God shouting, “NO NO NO NO NO.”

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